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Bilbies, Bike Rides and Other Events

Monday, February 28, 2011

As always I’ve left writing this for so long that I hardly know where to start again! Well I suppose I should start where I left off last time on the blog. And that would be a few weeks back when ‘Jessica’ bilby, the young baby bilby was named after me.


My friends have all been giving me a hard time about this one and having a lot of fun making comparisons between us (Jessica bilby is a little prone to scratching and biting, I’m not sure what that says about me?!). But really,  it’s quite an honour and great to be able to help out in some small way, in spreading the word about how few bilbies there are left in the wild. The best part is that there’s a really an easy way for everyone to do their part towards saving the bilby. This Easter, make sure you buy everyone chocolate bilbies from Darrell Lee Chocolate Shops and the profits will go back towards conservation efforts. If you ever wanted a guilt-free excuse for eating chocolate, then this is it!   

After that, the last week for me has included visiting Melbourne, Sydney and then Perth for corporate events and the opening of the amazing new TNT Express plant in Perth, plus some exciting meetings regarding the new project that we’ll be announcing on the 10th March. I also filmed a TV advertisement that will air later this year for an organisation working to promote reading to young people. So keep an eye out for that one later in the year.

Then I made it home in time for my sisters 19th birthday last Friday, before an early start on Saturday to see a great turnout of bike riders (including Dad) take part in a ride from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane’s Prince Charles Hospital, raising awareness for organ donation. After deciding it was safer to stay off a bike, my job was to see the riders off at two different starting points and then greet them at the end. Meeting many organ recipients and hearing their stories was incredibly inspiring and again, this is such an easy thing to support. It’s as easy as having a conversation with close friends or family about your wishes on the subject.  

After that, it was on to an event held at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast to say thanks to many of the SES volunteers who have worked so hard in the recent flood crisis. At the event, I also got to meet a very handsome boy bilby (along with a very cuddly wombat and playful tiger!), who was destined to be Jessica bilby’s boyfriend (see pic below with Premier Bligh holding him). While up on stage I was asked if there was any advice I could give him about winning her heart. I replied that he shouldn’t have a problem, as he really was very handsome and I wished him luck! 

Thanks to everyone for your congratulation on getting my P’s (driver’s licence). It’s an incredible relief to finally have the independence to be able to drive myself around, whenever I’m briefly home on the Sunshine Coast. Driving a red Mini on a sunny day, is a lot like surfing a pink boat down a massive wave - you just can’t help smiling! 

Finally, I wanted to acknowledge everyone over in Christchurch who were affected by the latest earthquake. With many of my relatives in New Zealand, we were very lucky again not to have anyone close to us affected. We’ve really had a terrible year so far with so many natural disasters.

Well, I’m sure I’ve bored you more than enough, so I’ll finish up for now and look forward to having lots of new exciting things to tell you about on the 10th!


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Pic: With Noel Dempsey, Frank Manthey, QLD Premier Anna Bligh & bilby!



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